Academic Links and Strategic Alliances

De Cambra Abogados currently maintains academic links and strategic alliances oriented towards professional practice, also collaborating with the following public and private institutions:

Academic Links

Carlos III University of Madrid and Saint Louis University, USA.

The law firm De Cambra Abogados collaborates with and receives students in their last year of study for the Law and Master degrees as interns from the above Universities, for a first point of contact with the practice of Law, both nationally and internationally.

Strategic alliances with Law Firms

At De Cambra Abogados we are highly aware that the practice of law at an international level requires strategic alliances with other law firms in the main cities and jurisdictions both in Europe and America. To this end, throughout its existence, the firm has entered into stable collaboration contracts with the following law firms:


Transforma Consulting. Zurich – Geneva.

Bratschi AG. Basilea – Zurich – Lausanne – Bern – St. Gallen – Zug.

Wehinger, Kaelin, Ferrari AG. Zurich – Zug.

Wiederkehr Rechtsanwälte. Zurich.

Oltramare, Hochstaetter, Eardley, Reiser & Associés (OHER). Geneva.

Ader, Jalibois & Associés. Paris.

Howard Kennedy. London.

Keystone Law. London

Cocuzza & Associati. Milan.

Borsboom & Hamm N.V. Rotterdam.

De Schrijver & Partners Advocatenkantoor. Gante – Melle.

Advokaterne Amaliegade Nº 42.  Copenhagen.

Henrique Abecasis, Andresen Guimarães & Associados (HAAG). Lisboa – Sao Pablo –  Río de Janeiro – Luanda.

Kriström Advokatbyrå AB. Stockholm.

Petsch, Frosch, Klein & Arturo. Vienna – Milan. 

Andrew J. Haynes. Gibraltar.


Estudio Blardone. Buenos Aires.

Villemor Amaral Advogados. Río de Janeiro – Brasilia – São Paulo.

Hlavnicka, Aráujo e Opic Advogados. São Paulo.

Wöss & Partners, S.C./PLLC. México, D.F. – Washington D.C. –  Lima.

Recognised by the Embassies of Denmark and Switzerland in Madrid.

De Cambra abogados is recognised by the Embassies of the Kingdom of Denmark and Switzerland, providing collaboration and comprehensive legal advice to its citizens, both residents and non-residents in Spain.

Javier Trillo Garrigues Notary and Cachón - Mellado Notaries

At De Cambra Abogados we work to ensure that our clients receive high quality comprehensive legal advice, and also have reliable notaries so that they can receive all the notarial advice they need when setting up companies, buying and selling property, etc.