It is undeniable that the world is interconnected and globalised. Today, not only do the fields of economy and finance take part in a global interrelated dance, but individuals, workers and Family Offices are also now part of it.

Within these complex processes, specialists in Public and Private International Law must know how to guide these actors in order to minimise risks and allow them to generate the greatest competitive advantages.

In this sense, Víctor De Cambra Antón was a pioneer in the international legal advisory sector. Since completing his postgraduate studies in Law (LLM) at Saint Louis University, Missouri (USA) in 1993, he began his professional career as an international lawyer at Wiederkehr, Forster & Weber, Zurich (Switzerland) where he worked intensively for 4 years. There he acquired first-hand relationship management of those clients having an international profile. These clients were mostly companies, individuals and Family Offices which had investments in France, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Argentina, Turkey, the United States, among other jurisdictions.

Subsequently, in 2003 he founded De Cambra & Abogados Law Firm with its base in Madrid, from where he projects his international professional work for clients with international litigation or who wish to create commercial projects with a strong international impact or simply for those clients who wish to work abroad.

Subsequently, given the growing demand, another office of the De Cambra Abogados Law Firm was opened in Zurich, providing international legal services for those clients who wish to internationalise their companies in Spain, and the rest of the world.

For all these reasons, De Cambra Abogados is and shall continue to be fundamentally a law firm with strong international roots.