De Cambra Abogados provides comprehensive labour advice. Our lawyers have considerable experience in Labour Law matters: such as labour contracting, payroll management, dismissals, labour accidents, labour force adjustment plan (LFAP, or ERE Spanish acronyms) and procedures before the General Treasury of Social Security and the National Institute of Social Security.

We also offer advice on the legal, labour, administrative, financial and tax aspects of employees who are expatriates outside Spain or impatriates by companies established in Spain.

In this sense, we offer you our support with:

·        Choosing a domicile, within or outside of Spain;

·        Choosing the right school (public/private school);

·        Buying or renting a property;

·        Help with choosing home staff;

·        Residence, work and driving permits;

·        Wealth & Tax advice

·        Social security, pension fund, life insurance, employee stock plan, etc.;

·        Insurance (sickness, civil liability, household insurance, car insurance, etc.).