Since our inception, De Cambra Abogados has advised individuals in traditional areas of Civil Law such as:

·        Drafting and revision of all types of contracts;

·        Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability;

·        Drafting of bylaws and resolution of conflicts that arise in residents’ associations, as well as administration of properties;

·        Evictions and amount claims;

·        Processes on the capacity of individuals;

·        Proceedings on filiation, paternity and maternity;

·        Marriage settlements. Divorces, separations and agreements regulating visitation rights, maintenance payments, guardianship and custody of minors;

·        Inheritance planning, assistance in the drafting of wills and legal defence in matters arising from the challenge of wills, forced heirs, etc.

We offer comprehensive advice to our clients, which in turn for them translates into savings in time, travel and money, thanks to interactivity with the rest of our Departments, especially with the Procedural Department, and our links with the main notary offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.