At De Cambra Abogados we are specialists in Criminal Law and, especially, in Economic Criminal Law. We are aware of the importance and legal transcendence of a good defence in the criminal investigation phase and the indictment of a crime, as well as being aware of the complexity that a private accusation may entail to repair the damage caused.

We take on the legal defence in diverse criminal scopes such as:

·        Scams;

·        Misappropriations;

·        Documentary forgery;

·        Corporate criminal offences;

·        Criminal offences against industrial and intellectual property;

·        Criminal offences against the market and customers;

·        Criminal offences against individuals, in particular injuries and reckless manslaughters caused by traffic accidents;

·        Criminal offences against road security (drink driving);

·        Criminal offences against privacy and self-image;

·        Criminal offences against honour (slander and insults);

·        Harassment offences;

·        Criminal offences against the Public Treasury;

Additionally, we also carry out all procedures leading to the cancellation of criminal records.