20/01/2020, 09:48

Taxpayer's calendar 2020

As every year, the Spanish Tax Authority (AEAT) publishes the Taxpayer´s calendar. Please find in this link all 2020 tax duties regarding all taxes and returns involved in english version:...   más

13/01/2020, 10:20

2020 calendar for administrative returns over Bank of Spain (ETE) and Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (D-6).

As every year, Spanish tax residents must fulfil administrative returns over the Bank of Spain (BDE) and over the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourims. Regarding BDE, special declarations on economic...   más

18/12/2019, 15:19

Personal Income Tax Exemption for Senior Executive Severance Payments

On 5 November, the Supreme Court [judgement nº 1528/2019 judicial review 2727/2017] ruled that severance payment for an employee with a top executive contract is exempt from personal income tax, as is the case...   más

16/12/2019, 10:58

Former football player Xabi Alonso and his tax advisors have been found not guilty of tax fraud.

Former Real Madrid, Liverpool and Bayern Munich midfielder Xabi Alonso has been acquitted of tax fraud by a Spanish court last 25.11.2019. Xabi Alonso was accused of tax fraud against Public Treasury for...   más

10/10/2019, 09:06

High Courts of Justice of Catalonia and Extremadura Begin Nullifying Penalties Imposed by the Spanish Tax Authorities Regarding Form 720 (Reporting of Assets Held Abroad by Spanish Tax Residents)

The High Court of Justice of Catalonia has nullified, the sanction imposed for the late presentation of such declaration for considering that the Spanish Tax Authorities failed in justify the guilt of the...   más

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