Both nationally and internationally, the tax burden on taxpayers is increasing. Any civil transaction, such as the purchase of a house or a divorce, or any commercial transaction, as well as a merger between companies, requires proper tax advice and full follow-up once carried out.

At De Cambra Abogados we are also specialists in local, Spanish and international tax matters. We provide tax advice to companies, employees, investors, entrepreneurs and individuals, whether they are tax residents in Spain or abroad.

Our practice areas in tax matters are:

International taxation

·        Preparation of reports, tax advice to returning individuals and expatriates;

·        Advice to individuals and foreign investors on the purchase and sale of real estate in Spain;

·        Advice on the application of Double Taxation Agreements;

·        Preparation and presentation of Non-resident Income Tax;

·        Tax advice on inheritance and donations of international importance.

National, Regional and Local Taxation

·        Comprehensive tax advice to companies on corporate Income Tax;

·        Advice on pre-closure and accounting closing with tax implications;

·        Preparation and presentation of quarterly and annual tax and informative tax returns such as, for example: Corporation Tax (Model 200), Fractional Payments (Models 202), Withholdings and payments on account (Models 111, 115, 123, 190, among others), Informative declaration of Related Operations (Model 232) and Annual declaration of operations with third parties (Model 347);

·        Comprehensive advice to companies and self-employed individuals on Value Added Tax. Advice on invoicing for the purchase and sale of goods and the provision of services. Preparation and presentation of quarterly self-assessments (Model 303) and annual summary return (Model 390);

·        Tax advice to individuals on Personal Income Tax (IRPF Spanish acronym); Wealth Tax (IP Spanish acronym); Inheritance and Donations Tax (ISD Spanish acronym); Transfer Tax and Documented Legal Acts (ITP-AJD, Spanish acronym) in all its forms. Preparation and presentation of the Personal Income Tax  (IRPF) (Model 100), Wealth Tax (IP) (Model 714), Inheritance and Donations Tax (ISD), as well as Transfer Tax and Documented Legal Acts (ITP-AJD) (Models as determined by the respective Autonomous Community);

·        Advice, preparation and presentation of informative statement on assets and rights located abroad (Model 720);

·        Tax advice on the regularisation of assets and rights located abroad;

·        Estate tax advice and inheritance tax planning;

·        Registrations and deregistration in the Census of Tax Liable Persons (Models 036 and 037);

·        Tax advice on the main local taxes. Tax on Economic Activities (IAE Spanish acronym), Municipal Capital Gains (Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land – IIVTNU Spanish acronym) and Real Estate Tax.

Tax Litigation

·        Advice on all types of tax procedures, whether that be management, collection, sanctioning or tax inspection;

·        We present all types of claims before administrative or contentious bodies and courts;

·        Claims for municipal capital gains before town councils (IIVTNU Spanish acronym) due to depreciations in the transfer or urban           land and maternity and paternity benefits.