Urban & Real Estate

Spain has a strong and highly developed real estate market. At De Cambra Abogados we have extensive experience, knowledge and skills accumulated both during the real estate boom and during the years of deep crisis in this sector.

This allows us to offer our clients expert advice on urban and real estate law, with the priority of ensuring that each real estate investment overcomes all the legal, accounting, administrative and financial obstacles, and becomes a reality.

We also provide comprehensive legal advice, conduct negotiations and take on the legal defence of our clients in civil, administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings relating to all areas regarding the real estate sector and urbanism. We are also at your side in the event of failure of your real estate or urban development project.

These are the services we make available to you:

·        Start- up of real estate promotions;

·        Analysis and advice on urban planning;

·        Processing of licenses and projects;

·        Legal and fiscal advice in exchange for land for future work;

·        Issuance of reports and opinions on the diverse questions that can be raised to our clients in the matter of, for example, the                 registry and urbanistic status, and subsequent development of the ground;

·        Carrying out urban due diligence processes;

·        Land purchase;

·        Negotiation in land purchases and sales;

·         Coordinated management of financial entities;

·        Drafting of purchase option contracts, deposits, purchase and sale of land and housing, purchase and sale of land for urban                 use, exchange of land for future work, execution of urbanisation and building works, leases and real estate brokerage, etc.;

·        Control of the management of urbanisation and building works;

·        Collaboration with architects and editors of all types of projects: Compensation, Land Distribution projects, Urbanisation,                       Partial and Basic Plans, Execution of works, etc.;

·        Monitoring of the approval of planning instruments;

·        Formulation of allegations and filing of administrative appeals;

·        Drafting of town planning agreements;

·        Relations with municipal technicians and urban management, as well as with urbanising agents;

·        Notary, tax and registry procedures;

·        Constitution of Compensation Boards, as well as management tasks of the Boards themselves;

·        Processing of licences;

·        Inscription of properties and of larger extensions in the Property Registry and the Cadastre;

·        Grouping and segregation of properties;

·        Declarations, applications, communications and all kinds of procedures before the General Direction of the Cadastre.